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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers

Case 1

Patient had old veneers with cavities around the margins (gum line) and the veneers were not the same size or shape. Patient also had protuded maxillary teeth 'buck teeth' as well as pitted enamel on teeth (yellow spots on her teeth). We replaced with All Porcelain Crowns on her front six teeth as well as chairside composite veneers on her first bicuspids to cover up pitted enamel. The shape and contour of her teeth were also corrected. The patient is very happy too smile with confidence!

Case 2

Patient had broken and chipped veneers and gum recession that has caused poor function and an unesthetic appearance. After placing six crowns on her front top teeth she can now function and smile with confidence!

Case 3

Patient had a front tooth chipped and replaced with a filling but after several attempts, the filling wouldn't stay in. The patient wanted a better, more functional smile. He was missing a tooth on his left side (right side of picture) and wanted whiter, straighter teeth. After a bridge on his right side and crowns on his front teeth the patient was really excited and wished he would have done this 20 years ago!

Case 4

Emergency Filling on 8-year old after accident. The tooth was restored with a white filling.

Case 5

Tetracycline Stain of all permanent teeth from an antibiotic (tetracycline) while teeth were developing during his childhood. Tetracycline stain historically has been something that could not be treated with whitening. However, with our new whitening products we are able to achieve amazing results! Patient has suffered with discolored teeth his entire life. He elected to have whitening instead of veneers because he has no other dental issues. One In-Office whitening visit and At-Home custom whitening trays were used over two months to achieve a brighter, whiter smile!

Cases completed by Dr. Matt Hiener

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